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My pictorial inspirations comes from the lines of the human form informed by the study of anatomy and by studying of paintings artists from paleolithic artists to classical art and my colour inspirations come from the impressionists and the Blue Reiter group and from varying genres of instrumental music such as drum and bass and classical. I paint usually with the canvas in a horizontal plane and manipulate how the paint flows with wedges and tools. I am influenced by, Max Ernst, Pollock, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Franz Marc, Degas and by contemporary water colourists.

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I was born in the midlands of England. My mum and dad had emigrated there in the late fifties. After spending my formative years in the Midlands I did a science degree in Aberdeen after which I spent many years in Scotland. It was a revelation to me and is a place whose natural beauty and people still inspire me. I enjoy the classical dilettante approach to life believing there is a scientist, an intellectual,an artist and musician in all of us. I therefore have studied science and art. I did my foundation and art degree in the City and Guilds college of Art in London. I also did a musical diploma in the London school of Music guitar institute.

Having traveled extensively my wanderlust has been put on hold by the tropical beauty of Far North Queensland. Living near Cairns in an area whose young history and developing personality intrigues and inspires me I have joined Cairns’s ever growing arts community. I am currently working in Yarrabah a large beautiful mixed race indigenous community a short distance from Cairns.

My paintings thrive in the fertile minds of imaginative art lovers. I believe each persons perception of a painting is a unique relationship that is very personal and influenced by so many subliminal factors that intellectualizing the whys and wherefore is not necessary. Pareidolia is the ability to see the representational in the abstract. Aleatory is the process through which chance produces pictures rather than pure intellect. I aim to use both to produce paintings that subliminally reference viewers into their own emotional spaces.

I love colour and the mixing of colours that occurs with the varying physical properties that fluid painting mediums have. I believe paintings should be heard as much as seen as my paintings are painted to music and music effects the way my paintings are perceived. I have recently explored the whole question of the foggy place that is between representational and abstract art and also the question of ownership of a painting by sharing my canvas with the representational artists Malachai Aird and Phil Johns.

Blunt Edge 30th November 2013 Portrait Group Show

INXS 12th July 2013 Crate 59 Group Show

Ziggy 18th March 2016 Group Show

Ziggy 18th March 2016 Group Show

Blunt Edge 30th November 2013 Portrait Group Show

INXS 12th July 2013 Crate 59 Group Show

Second Installment Slathouse 28th May 2013

Filth 1st March 2013

Blunt Edge 29th November 2012 Portrait Group Show

In Perpentuum 2nd November 2012 Crate 59

Concerate 24th August 2012 Crate 59 Group Show

Greyscale 9th December 2011 Crate 59

Blunt Edge 18th November 2011 Portrait Group Show

A Window to a Soul – 2nd October 2010 Crate 59 Single Show

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